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Introduction to the Institution

The experiment of the League of Nations had failed and the clouds of War had started gathering on the political horizon once again. The social and religious scenario were equally dark. Vices had gripped the society. Religion had been reduced to a mere ritual. There was all round degradation in morality. It was against this background that the Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya was established during the years that preceded World War II.

Its present Administrative Head is Dadi Janki who resides in Mount Abu, its international headquarters and the Additional Administrative Head is Dadi Hridaymohini, who lives in Delhi.

The Founder - Brahma Baba

Dada Lekh Raj was a famous diamond merchant in his late fifties. He had a deep urge for rediscovery of the self, understanding the mystery of the world and realize the true nature of the Supreme Being.

In 1936-37, he experienced a series of revelations (Sakshatkars - divine visions) of the Incorporeal Supreme Soul - The Being of Light. He also saw vision of Value-based society, characterized by love, peace, harmony, health, and happiness besides law and order becoming an emerging reality during the early decades of the 21st Century. He had a call to be an embodiment of virtues, to set an example to inspire others by his practical life and to create other human instruments like himself, to spread education in values, meditation and holistic knowledge so that the Golden Age might dawn.

He had a call to be a human medium of the Divine so that God might speak and manifest His knowledge through Dada Lekh Raj. It was in response to this call that this institution in its nascent form was formally founded in 1936 to re-establish moral, human and spiritual values. He renounced his flourishing diamond business in Calcutta and returned to his native town Hyderabad, Sind (now in Pakistan). He formed a Trust, consisting of only women, and placed all his movable and immovable properties in their hands to run the Institution. Thus, he gave dignity and honour to women and they have, since then, been in the forefront as leaders of a revolution in moral and spiritual values.

In course of time, Dada Lekh Raj came to be known as Brahma or Prajapita Brahma and those who followed spiritual path through oracles of Brahma were known as Brahma Kumaris and Brahma Kumars. Educational institution came to be known as Prajapita BrahmaKumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya. Brahma Baba left the body in 1969 after dedicating 33 years to bring to reality his vision of people of all cultural, economic and religious backgrounds coming together to rediscover and develop their spiritual dimension.

International Institution

As an international institution, it offers people of all backgrounds an opportunity to learn meditation and deepen their understanding of universal principles and innate values through a variety of educational programmes, courses and learning resources. The institution provides a caring, co-operative and supportive environment, which encourages individuals to bring out the best in themselves.

The institution coordinates international and community projects, has created opportunities for people in 130 countries to participate in a number of initiatives aimed at creating a world where people live in peace and harmony.

Brahma Kumaris (BKs) have global network with more than 8500 centres spread over India and 130 countries. About 9,00,000 people daily study moral and spiritual values and practice meditation at these centres. The Institution has gained international recognition for its work on spirituality and Rajyoga Meditation technique.

Pandav Bhawan

This was the first campus of the institution in India. It is from here that the original co-founding group of Brahma Kumaris, now known as the Dadis (senior sisters), oversee the institution's activities worldwide. Pandav Bhawan is a large, yet homely campus of meeting halls and residential buildings. The principal attractions here are History Hall, Baba's Hut, Baba's Room, and the Tower of Peace. The founder Prajapita Brahma spread vibrations of peace for all the souls of the world through intense meditations from here.

Om Shanti Bhawan

The Universal Peace Hall also known as Om Shanti Bhawan (1983), is a 3000 seat auditorium which has been hosting international conferences and has translation facilities in 16 languages.

Peace Park

Nestled between two famous peaks of the Aravali Hills – Guru Shikhar and Achal Garh, the park is an oasis of natural beauty. Thousands of tourists visit it every day. The park offers a perfect recreation retreat with playgrounds, picnic areas, swings and nature walks. It is landscaped to house various floral displays along with the specialty of a beautiful rose garden.


Situated at the foothills of Mount Abu, on a 70 acre land and about 7 kms from Abu Road railway station, the Shantivan campus was established in 1996. It has a majestic 20,000 seat pillarless auditorium known as 'Diamond Hall'. Large dining facilities can handle about 4000 guests at a time. Dadi Prakashmani Training Centre has 5 halls of varying capacities. Accommodation for about 15,000 people is provided on the campus. A lotus shape meditation room (Tapasya Dham) and 'Prakash Stambh' (built in memory of late Dadi Prakashmani, Chief of Brahma Kumaris (1969-2007) adds to the beauty of this complex. Solar steam cooking system, Om Spiritual Museum and Godlywood Studio are other attractions on the campus.

Academy for A Better World (Gyan Sarovar)

The Academy for a Better World 'Gyan Sarovar' meaning 'the Lake of Knowledge', a non-conventional institution for higher learning was established in 1994 at Mount Abu to offer value-based education to different professionals, which enables the practical application of these teachings. The Academy has fourteen departments: Education, Social Service, Administrators, Scientists and Engineers, Women Department, Business Industry, Politicians, Youth, Art and Culture, Rural Development, Media, Jurists, Medical, Religious, Security and Transport.

The Academy is developed on 35 acres of land, without disturbing the natural topography and environment of the hills. Three man-made lakes have been created, which give cool, clean, aesthetic and pleasant environment. Used water is recycled to maintain 20,000 fruit trees and other plants. Gyan Sarovar, a lighthouse of learning, combines spiritual wisdom and state-of-the-art technologies created by modern science. It is an example in creating a better future world

A part of GyanSarovar has (a) Universal Harmony Hall Auditorium (1800 seats) has facilities for simultaneous translation into 16 languages with excellent acoustics. It has both heating and cooling systems. (b) International Centre for Higher Learning, an educational complex with 13 seminar rooms, each of which has capacity to seat 75 to 150 persons; (c) Two Meditation Halls (300 and 500 seats); (d) Spiritual Art Gallery, designed to promote positive attitudes and universal human, moral and spiritual values, has beautiful exhibits depicting all the four time periods (Golden, Silver, Copper and Iron) of human existence, a laser show for stress free life and computer education on spirituality; (e) Residential Complexes: Raj Rishi Bhawan (accommodates 700 delegates), Harmony House(accommodates 250) and Vishnu Puri (accommodates 250); (f) Kitchen, Dining Halls are solar energy powered to prepare and serve vegetarian food to 1200 people at a time; (g) Administrative Block and Other Facilities include state-of-the-art communication facilities, photocopying and photography sections, audio and video departments to ensure the smooth functioning of the Academy; (h) Clinic with Resident Doctor and emergency beds provides medical help; (i) Library and Research Lab.

Radio Madhuban 90.4 FM

Brahma Kumaris' Community Radio Service, License No. FMCR-89

Radio Station (2011) stands for core values and responsibilities for value-based programmes to local community - especially marginalized and under-privileged - to uplift their social and psychological well-being.

It envisions maximizing community participation in design and development of programmes. We strive to prove that positivity sells and that honesty is attractive and so are values.

We aspire to promote social well being of people and wean them away from backwardness and stagnation. It is a dream to see the radio into every household of the region and let the people benefit. We wish to bring local community at par with the mainstream by enabling them to share information, stories and experiences.

Sunday 9:00-9:30am: Apka Swasthya Apke Hath Mein (LIVE Phone in with Doctor)

Theme of the show: 'Prevention is better than cure'. It deals with various common diseases, their causes and preventive measures. The guest doctor will provide useful tips for maintaining medical fitness, personal and communal hygiene. It also provides some ways to adapt to the ever-changing environment and climate. The show facilitates with the expert doctor to give solution to the health problems of the people by phone or SMS.


First value based radio station broadcasting positivity - 24 x 7

Professional studio setup (1 + 1 Backup Studio)

Radio station utilises solar energy

Managed by a team of volunteers with high motivation

Global reach

First community radio station to have Radio Data System (RDS)

Godlywood Studio

For effective use of electronic media to spread God's message, we have created Godlywood Studio which has 3 high tech studios on different levels for audio/video recording with post production facilities and a 24 seated preview theatre conference hall and advanced audio recording studio for music and voice recording. It has facilities for video editing and animation. The studio enjoys proper acoustic treatment and air-conditioning.

It has also the facility for direct uplinking to various channels and to our Peace of Mind Channel. We plan to produce varieties of programmes in regional languages like Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, Telugu, Bangla and Udiya to increase viewership from the present 15 million to 150 million per day.

The Studio offers healthcare professionals a powerful platform to record educational programmes on health awareness for large campaigns. You are invited to visit the Godlywood Studio.

o Studio A has 4 high definition cameras with teleprompter for reading news and is fully integrated for broadcast.

o Studio B consists of virtual setup with 2 professional HD cameras especially used for chroma shoots.

o Studio C has 6 HD cameras and is designed for reality shows with audience and group discussions.

BSES Hospital

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