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Spiritual Counselling Services
These are provided to the patients (inpatients & outpatients), and to the patients’ relatives.

It is an environment, a space provided, for understanding the applicability of spirituality in daily life. It helps individuals equip themselves to face the challenges thrown by life. We help people move on with their lives. We aim at guiding the individual to her/his own inner strength. This will help her/ him face the challenges with ease. This environment has been created on the principle that physical health of a person is largely dependent on the spiritual and mental well being.

Our main objective in offering spiritual counselling to people is to orient them towards holistic health. We encourage them to use spirituality for improving their health.

  • Orients the client towards holistic health. It thus provides an environment that helps them to use spirituality for improving their health (physical, mental and social).
  • Provides inputs for the patient on spiritual knowledge and helps them understand it. Guide the individual to his own inner strength.
  • We help individuals equipping themselves to face the challenges they are faced with. This enables them to move forward using their inner resources.Creates applicability of spirituality in daily life.

Patient counseling

A mind that kills can also heal. Spirituality heals the mind. One very important aspect of spirituality is to make the patient aware of his own inner potential. It makes him use this potential for his well-being and health. There is an immense influence of the mind on the body. Disease comes from the dis-ease within. Spirituality helps to remove this dis-ease. It helps people discover the natural nature of health. To be healthy is to heal(thy) ourself.

One important tool used in patient counselling is the technique of meditation, taught by Brahma Kumaris.

Counseling for Patient's relatives

If the relatives of the patients are in a sound state of mind, it facilitates the quick healing of the patient. It is said that Dava (medicine) works when it is combined with duva (good wishes & blessings). A positive and powerful mind provides powerful vibrations to help the patient.

Creating the right environment

We aim at providing an environment, where the patient is self-empowered. This facilitates the healing process as it reduces the suffering and increasing the well-being of the patient. With the good wishes and blessings from each and everyone, the powerful vibrations of people working with values of love, happiness and peace, it creates a powerful environment and gives the patient a feeling of being at home.

Meditation, self-development programs and workshops

For staff, outpatients and others

The aim of these spiritual programs is to provide the missing link, to people. The missing link is spirituality. If this element is added into health care, then we can provide wholesome health. We also aim to provide unique support for healthcare personnel. This is done through offering them positive thoughts and attitudes. These programs continually develop human understanding. These programm make people better, as they are asked to focus on positive things in life. Our programmes are the right response to suffering. We hope that this mission reaches every one, and that every individual is able to give values of hope and faith to the patient.

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