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Artificial Kidney Dialysis Center


The AKD department has 10 advanced computerised volumetric haemodialysis machines. The AKD also has seven remote fitted dialysis chairs. Two hemodialysis machines are kept at the ICU for dialysing critically ill patients.

Reverse osmosis water treatment system provides ultra pure water to all the machines. The system is fitted with stainless steel pipes, and loops for recirculating water. This mechanism avoids the water stagnation.

Infected patients are dialysed on separate machines.

We have patient friendly dialysis unit. Some of our dialysis units operate at night. This facility would suit employed patients.

Intensive Care Nephrology Services

Department of Nephrology is a major partner in the management of ICU patients who are admitted for Acute Renal failure (ARF), fluid and electrolyte imbalance and acid base problems. Our team of nephrologists provides treatment using techniques like SCUF (Slow continuous ultra-filtration), CRRT (Continuous Renal Replacement therapy), and SLED. We also provide plasmapheresis for patients admitted with.

Charitable Services

Economically backward patients are provided sixty free dialysis every month.

Patient Education Programmes

We hold an interactive session, every quarterly. Doctors educate patients on topics such as kidney diseases and good living with dialysis.

Future Project

The department is in the process of starting a organ transplant programme.

Team of Specialists

  • Dr. Jayesh Desai
  • Dr. Jyotsna Zope
  • Dr. L. H. Suratkal
  • Dr.Mahendra Merchant
  • Dr. Rajesh Kumar
  • Dr. Ramesh Rao
  • Dr. Umesh Khanna

Facts and Figures About AKD

Dialysis- An Expensive Treatment For A Lifetime

  • The procedure for dialysis can take anytime between 3 - 4 hrs each session.
  • Usually, dialysis is required 3 times (sessions) in a week, for the remaining life. With each session costing Rs. 700/- dialysis is an expensive treatment.
  • Some patients, for the lack of money, get dialysis done only once a week, thus hampering their health further.
  • It is our endeavor to help such patients by providing them as many free dialysis as possible.

Number of dialysis machines 10
Number of hours per dialysis 4 hrs maximum
Number of shifts per day 4
Number of patients per month 1,100 approx.
Free cases per month 35-40 (sponsored by Swajan Foundation)
Amount per dialysis/patient Rs. 700 for dialysis + Rs. 500 for consumables
Free cases per month (amount) Rs. 24,000 – 28,000
Age of most patients Above 40 years
Cause of most dialysis Diabetes

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