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Blood Bank


A Complete Transfusion Centre
We strive to provide Safe Blood and Blood components. We want to help the needy Patients in our society. Both the organizations involved in this program are NGO’s. Hence, the products competitively priced.

We have set up a State-of-art Blood Bank under The Rotary Foundation Matching Grant No: 21230 with Rotary Club of Bombay West as the local Sponsor and RI District 7120 as the International Sponsor.

The Blood Bank was dedicated to the Community on 29th August 2003. Rotary Club of Bombay West has been actively involved with the Brahma kumari's Global hospital. It has done its best to ensure that the Blood Bank is helping the Community. 3366787089u90


We use Blood Component therapy. Using this technique we examine the blood samples and replace components that are missing in the sample. Blood that we have is segregated into various Components. Whenever there is a deficiency of a component, we provide supplements and thus rectify the deficiency.

Components available at our Blood Bank:

  • Whole Blood
  • Packed Red cells
  • Washed Red cells
  • Fresh Frozen plasma
  • Platelets
  • Cryoprecipitates


The Blood Bank is equipped with the latest equipment which procured from various parts of the World.

We possess:

  • Fully automated Donor couches with attached automated Blood collection monitors.
  • Automated ELISA system for testing of various Transfusion Transmitted diseases like HIV, HBsAg, HCV.
  • Refrigerated Centrifuge for Component separation.
  • Storage refrigerator and Deep freeze with temperature chart recorders and visual temperature screen so as to maintain constant temperature.
  • Platelet incubator and agitator to store platelets at optimum temperature with agitation.
  • Laminar airflow for Sterile Component separation.
  • Computerized Cross Match equipment.


Our Blood Bank staff, besides being young and highly qualified, is well trained in all aspects of Transfusion Medicine. We maintain International standards. Our staff is well informed. We have a library that stocks reference books and other reading material, and our staff makes good use of them.


Voluntary Blood Movement

Rotary D G Goenka Blood Bank is one of the very few blood banks with facilities for Blood Components. It is the only blood bank that offers Component facility in its area. The Blood Bank is open 24 hours thus making the Blood and Components available round the clock for needy patients.

We organize voluntary Blood donation camps at requested locations at least twice a month. These camps ensure continuous availability of Blood and Components.

The Rotracts associated with various colleges arrange blood drives at their colleges. Many corporate houses have tied up with us for biannual blood drives.

We motivate people to organize Blood donation drives, to ensure the availability of Blood. People who were willing to donate are given a chance to serve the humanity.

Data Collection and Data Flow

Our Blood Bank is equipped with the latest Blood Banking software. This facilitates the online management of Blood, and ensures a proper flow of Blood and its Components. Every test result is directly fed into the system. Most results are transmitted directly from the computerized test equipments.

Transfusion Monitoring Committee

The Blood Bank has a Transfusion monitoring Committee. This committee receives and analyzes the feedback from Doctors Hospital/ Nursing Homes that procure Blood from our Bank. This helps us to know of the various side effects. This feedback goes a long way in ensuring that we maintain our quality standards high.

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