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Executive Health Checkup


Where there is health, there is peace, progress and prosperity. Along with health comes happiness too. ‘Health’ refers to total health: physical, mental, social and spiritual.

There is so much of physical and mental stress in the world today and this adversely affects our health. We need to protect it.

Executive health checkup facilities provide you comprehensive medical checkups with the help of expert panel of doctors and modern technology. Exclusive Health check up takes care of your mental, social and spiritual health. This is done through spiritual counseling. A dedicated team of Brahma Kumaris voluntarily offers spiritual counseling and meditation. Their guidance will enable you to reduce the levels of stress and anxiety.

We offer total health assessment to the corporate community. This would definitely benefit the executives whose lives are fast paced. Exceptional personal attention that is provided in this program is tailored to meet the needs of busy executives and their families. We complete the process of evaluating your health in a single day. Your daylong visit would not be a waste, as our volunteers would design a timetable to meet your individual needs.

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