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A lot of emphasis is laid on diagnostic and prognostic evaluations in the modern day clinical medicine. This can be obtained through non-invasive investigations only.

The year (2005 – 2006) has been very eventful for the department of imaging at the Brahma kumari's Global hospital. Computerized Radiology (CR) system, was installed in the Department Of Imaging in May 2005. This suave   CR system significantly improves and speeds up radiology imaging. This saves time both for the patients and the doctors as well. The results of the diagnosis can be obtained faster. USG is digitalised. The patients are now given a digital film with multiple images. The 15- 24 images are provided to the patient. We have films of different sizes, and a patients can get the size they need. We have linked the  CR system to the ICCU through our intranet.

A Colour Doppler ultrasonogaphy machine was installed in May 2006, to meet the growing demands. This machine facilitates the evaluation of the blood vessels in the human body.

The various investigative facilities offered by radiology and imaging department of Brahma kumari's Global hospital include:

Digital Radiology

We have the 300 mA dual tube machine from GE, equipped with an image intensifier.

All routine radiographs, and special procedures like barium studies, urographic studies, HSG, sinography are performed with ease and precision on this machine.Interventional procedures under image-intensifier control are performed.

Trained technical staff is available 24/7.


Ultrasonography is a very important technique. It is used extensively in most specialties. It is mandatory in Obstetrics Gynecology, Medicine, Surgery, Cardiology and Ophthalmology.

Ultrasonography is considered to be very safe for the foetus, as there is no inonisingradiation. Hence, it has become the touchstone in diagnosing the status of the foetus.

Brahma kumari's Global hospital is equipped with the latest high frequency, broadband, (multi-frequency) probes which can be used to perform musculoskeletal studies. It can also indulge in small part studies on thyroid, breast, and testes. We also provide Tran rectal and transvaginal sonography. We also perform Real time ultrasound guided biopsies.

Whole body colour Doppler

The hospital has now introduced a new service for Whole Body Colour Doppler & Colour Doppler Echocardiography.  We have now installed Siemens G-60 state- of-the-art, high resolution, multi function Colour Doppler Machine. The machine is utilized by the Department of Cardiography and Department of Radiology.

For appointments, contact the EHC Reception on 2nd Floor (phone 66487500 extn. 568/569).

We offer the following Doppler Studies

  • Carotid Doppler
  • Renal Doppler
  • Portal System
  • Arterial system
  • Venous system
  • Small parts: Scrotal/Thyroid/Breast
  • Obstetrics or Gynaecology
  • 2-D Echo Colour Doppler


Breast cancer has now become the commonest cancer among women. Woman can be cured of this cancer can be if it is diagnosed early. Breast cancer can be treated completely. However, the onus is on early detection. Screening mammography supplemented by sonomammography can detect the small lesions, before they palpate. Women above the age of 40 must be subjected to routine mammography. Women, with familial history of breast cancer, must undergo mammography.

The Brahma kumari's Global hospital is equipped with GE Senographe 700-T, which uses low radiation dose. We provide the patients with a have a female technician. We also provide the patient with adequate privacy. Sonomammography is done on patients who opt for the standard package.


OPG – for advanced diagnostic in dental speciality.

CT scan

CT scan is the most preferred choice for head and spinal trauma, abdominal pathologies, lung parenchymal pathologies, paranasal sinuses and the temporal bone infections. CT scans are cost effective studies. They provide dependable studies on patients. They are used for cerebrovascular accidents, mediastinal pathologies and follow-up examinations.

We have multislice SPIRAL ultrafast CT scanner. This works faster, and provides better images. It takes only 8 seconds for scanning the brain. An abdominal scan takes not more than 12 seconds.

CT Scan can also perform special functions like Angiographies, virtual endoscopies (bronchoscopies, colonoscopies etc) and 3D reconstructions. Facilities like Multiplanar reconstructions, CT urography, CT myelography are also available at this hospital. We perform CT guided interventional procedures.

The CT scan facility is available on emergency basis for 24 hours.

Team of Radiologist

  • Dr. Ketan Gundavda, Head of the Department
  • Dr. Jigar Desai
  • Dr. Nitish Kotwal

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