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In Patients Services


Consultants at Out patient Department (OPD) may decide to admit a patient depending on the seriousness of the case. In such a scenario, it is advisable to book the bed and Operation Theatre (if required) in advance. Bookings are done at the inpatient counter on the ground floor.

Some emergencies come through the Emergency Services that function 24/7. Admitting a patient to the hospital is a simple process. You should register the details of your case. You will have to deposit some money at the counter. Please request for a handout on important information regarding, Admission, Billing, Discharge & Refund.


The Registration counter has a schedule of charges for different types of rooms. The room charges depend on the kind of room you select. If you require an estimate of the costs that you would have to pay, kindly consult your doctor.


The consultant admitting you will explain the nature of your disease. The consultant will also brief you about the planned treatment. We request you to carefully read consent forms given to you before your admission or before any surgical procedure. Sign the consent form only after reading the conditions. Ensure that you have been properly informed of the technicalities involved in the whole process. Incase you find the furnished information to be inadequate or vague, verify with the staff.


Private Wards

Deluxe Suite: Deluxe Suite includes spacious and elegant air-conditioned rooms, with an extra room for relative. It also includes a sofa-cum bed, attached bathroom, refrigerator, telephone and television. These suites are equipped with Special automated Huntleighs patient beds.

Deluxe rooms:

These are single and elegant air-conditioned rooms with bathrooms attached to them. They are furnished with a sofa-cum bed, refrigerator, telephone and television. The hospital has 6 Deluxe rooms. These rooms are equipped with special automated Huntleighs patient beds.

A Classrooms:

These rooms are air-conditioned and have a bathroom attached to them; The furnishings include sofa-cum bed, telephone and television. The patients are provided with special automated Huntleighs patient bed.

Twin Sharing: Twin- sharing air-conditioned rooms accommodate two patients. They have a bathroom attached to them.

Triple Sharing: Triple - sharing air-conditioned rooms come with an attached bathroom. They accommodate three patients.

Economy Class: These are non air-conditioned rooms, and are used to accommodate three patients. The patients are provided with common bathroom.


The General Ward consists of 35 beds, which are divided as follows:

Female Ward : 13 Beds
Male Ward : 14 Beds
Peadiatric Ward : 6 Beds
ICU : 1 Bed
NICU : 1 Bed


In case you wish to visit your relatives, who is recovering at BSES MG Hospital the visit timings are as follows:

  11:00 – 12:00: Morning
  05:00 – 7:00: Evening


All discharge formalities are to be completed before 10:00 am so that the patient can be discharged at 12:00 noon.

1.     Consultant’s written instructions are required to discharge the patient.

2.     In absence of such advice, patient can be discharged with written request (discharge on request) against medical advice.

3.     Patient must pay bills before they are discharged from the hospital.

4.     Visitor’s passes must be returned to the IPD counter.

5.     Discharge card,reports and other documents are to be collected from the ward sister. In case they are not ready, they can be collected the next day from the reception counter on the ground floor.

6.     No discharge will be permitted on a Sunday.In case the patient wishes to be discharged on Sunday, the bills must be settled on Saturday evening. They will have to pay an extra amount of Rupees. 5,000/-. The extra amount will be refunded after 24 hours.

7.     For Hospital ambulance services you may contact the IPD counter. The hospital has a fully equipped Cardiac Ambulance and a Regular Ambulance.


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