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Neonatal Intensive Care


Neonatal Intensive care unit is an Intensive Care Unit that takes care of babies who are less than weeks old. Premature babies suffering from asphyxia and those with organ-system failure are kept in the NICU for special care. We treat around 50 newborn babies at our hospital every month. We have a 5 bedded NICU with following facilities:

Radiant warmer to maintain baby’s body temperature

Phototherapy unit to treat jaundice

Dedicated ventilators to manage babies with respiratory problems

High-end bed side monitor for continuous monitoring

Pulse oximeter

Digital Baby Weighing Scale

Facts and Figures about Neonatal Intensive care unit

ICU relating to babies from birth upto 4 weeks.

Pre-mature babies that suffer from sphyxia, those with organ-system failure etc... are kept in the NICU for special care.


Babies admitted each month: 50 approx

Duration of hospitalisation: 2-4 days

Most common reason: Pre-mature birth

The youngest and tiniest babies are treated in our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

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