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An International Partnership

Sir Peter Ustinov Cleft Clinic

The hospital is providing free state of art treatment for those suffering from Cleft Lip & Palate deformities with support from a Swiss Charity - Cleft-Children International (CCI).

Children are born with the defect due to deficiency of Folic Acid in pregnant ladies and other environmental factors. The only treatment is either by educating/examining the pregnant lady or repair the children with the deformity as early as possible. These children may require series of operations to correct the deformity of lip or palate and later on to correct the facial skeleton and dentition.

Cleft Camps

25-Mar-07 Harihara Putra Bhajan Samaj, Chembur 5 pts identified and managed
22-Apr-07 Sangamner Courtesy: Lions Club 16 pts identified and managed
29-Apr-07 Nausari Courtesy: Rotary Club of Nausari Round Town 6 pts identified and managed
20-May-07 Sevalaya Courtesy: Sevalaya Hospital 5 pts identified and managed
10-Jun-07 Lokhandwala General Hospital, Ahmedabad
Courtesy: Rotary Club
8 pts identified and managed

Cleft Surgeries

Type of Operations 2004 2005 2006 2007*
Lip closure 46 110 144 41
Lip Revision 16 26 51 19
Soft palate closure only 4 3 2 0
Alveloar bone grafting 2 9 21 8
Simple fistula closure 1 4 5 6
Soft palate and mucoperiosteal flap elder children 28 85 119 54
Fistula closure only if it involves re-operation of the cleft 6 4 13 4
Fistula closure behind the premaxilla in bilateral clefts 0 2 1 1
Correction of nasal deformity 2 4 2 1
Septo-rhinoplasty 6 14 5 3
Pharryngoplasty 0 0 0 0
Craniofacial anomalie 8 12 8 5
TOTAL 119 273 371 127

A Partnership with Swajan Foundation, another NGO

Artificial Kidney Dialysis

Patients suffering from chronic kidney failure require dialysis 2 or 3 times in a week for many years! This expensive treatment is a nightmare for lower income group patients. Hospital plans to improve the long-term sustenance of such patients.

The 10-bedded Artificial Kidney Dialysis Unit works in four shifts. It has special 4 AKD chairs and a new R-O plant. The ICU also has facility for Dialysis.

At present, we give around 48 free dialysis per month to the Swajan Foundation and will be increasing the free dialysis in view of the new R-O plant.

A Partnership with Lions Club of Juhu and Harmony

Geriatric Healthcare & Rehabilitation Centre

The Geriatric Healthcare & Rehabilitation Centre was inaugurated on March 19, 2006. The membership fee is Rs. 1000/-.

The consultations are offered at very low subsidized fee.

In case of hospitalization: Preferential admission facility, Free Ambulance Service and 20% concession on entire hospitalization bills with 5% concession on medicines will be given.

Treatment on OPD Basis: 20% concession on investigations advised by our consultants on Out-Patient basis with 5% concession on medicines and 20% discount for members on services offered at the Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation Centre.

Benefits to Family Members: Enrollment of 3 family members at the time of registration. The family members will get 10% Discount on OPD investigations and hospitalization bills with 5% concession on medicines. Consultation by Physician & Specialists referred at very low subsidized rate. 20% discount on Ambulance service. Special discount on Executive Health Check-up packages will be given.

The members are kept informed of the free medical camps held for the Senior Citizens.

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