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B.K. Yogini

A humble contribution of 3 years in Brahma kumari global hospital managed by Brahma Kumaris' GHRC has given a different perspective to health care. The fruits of service have been the good wishes of many and the satisfaction of the benefited.

'Healing with the spiritual touch' is the motto that the hospital stands apart, with its unique endeavor of rendering services in physical and spiritual dimensions of health.

The environment filled with the serenity of meditation and the commitment of the personnel makes healing an easy process. This hospital is thus filled with learning and sharing of positivity and empowerment for both the staff and the patients. Such personal care also includes step by step guidance to self worth through spiritual counselling.

I truly recognize and appreciate the generous contribution of many. The hearts of blessings has created a sparkle of hope for the suffering.

In the coming years, these tiny steps will take us towards a larger vision. Taking each one of us closer to our purpose and closer to the hearts of many.

B.K. Yogini

Hon. Director - Administration

Director - Administration

B.K. Yogini

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