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Cancer Surgery (Surgical Oncology)

The hospital provides cancer patients the services of an expert team, led by Dr. Ashok Mehta, former Professor, Chief of Surgery at the Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. The hospital has all the facilities for diagnosis and treatment of patients suffering from Cancer.

Facilities include

  • Fiber optic flexible endoscopies for upper and lower Gastro Intestinal tracts and lungs.
  • Cytology, histopathology, tumor markers and frozen sections.
  • CT scans, Digital Radiology, DSA and Angiographies.
  • Major Operation Theatres with C-arm, carbon dioxide lasers.
  • ICU with ventilators, blood gas analyzer and syringe pumps for post operative care of major surgical operations.
  • Minimal access surgery for cancer (Thoracoscopy, Laparoscopy)
  • Blood Bank with components


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